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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) U8903A
2Ch Audio Analyser

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KT-U8903A/113/2 in 1 digital audio caI
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Keysight Technologies (formerly Agilent) U8903A

The KT-U8903A 2 Channel Audio Analyser generates sine wave, square wave,
variable phase waveform, DC signal, noise, Multi tone, SMPTE IMD, DFD, as well
as user-defined arbitrary waveforms.
Capable of testing a broad range of audio-related measurement, such as
amplitude, frequency, THD+N, noise, crosstalk, band-pass, SNR, FFT and IMD
measurements for analog audio.

The KT-U8903A performs sweeps, FFT Analysis, & Time Domain Analysis.

The KT-U8903A has a broader measurement range than the KT-8903B, ranging from
10Hz to 100KHz with greater accuracy (0.0005% versus 0.004%). The total
harmonic distortion plus noise has improved for the KT-U8903A, with -101 dB
versus -80 dB for the KT-8903B.

KT-U8903A Features:

5.7 inch Color Display
Plug n play USB 2.0 front panel interface for user-defined filter uploads
Dual Channel Generator outputs and Analyser inputs with XLR connectors
Rear panel USB/LAN/GPIB/VGA Interfaces
Two Rear panel DB-25 connectors for multi channel connections

The 2 channel KT-U8903A can be extended up to 8 analog channels with
additional analog cards.

LPF - 15 kHz, 20 kHz, 30 kHz and user defined with supplied software
HPF - 22 Hz, 100 Hz, 400 Hz and user defined with supplied software
Weighting - A, C-Message, CCIR-468, CCIR-ARM, CCITT

Measurement Parameter:

AC level, DC level, Frequency, SNR, THD+N ratio, THD+N level, SINAD, Noise
Level, Crosstalk, Phase, and FFT analysis
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40.49 cm 42.57 cm 13.34 cm 13.64 kg
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