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Sunsight Instruments AAT-30
AntennAlign Alignment Tool base unit

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SNS-AAT-30/1201/4100/British National Grid/Browser enabled IP68 Phon
SNS-AAT-30/1203/French Lambert National G
SNS-AAT-30/1203/4100/French Lambert National G/Browser enabled IP68 Phon
SNS-AAT-30/1204/4100/Dutch National Grid/Browser enabled IP68 Phon
SNS-AAT-30/4100/Browser enabled IP68 Phon
Catalog Description

Sunsight Instruments AAT-30

AntennAlign Alignment Tool base unit
Soft Carying Case p/n 7503
Wrist Cuff p/n 7504
Side mount

The AAT integrates dual accelerometers (they are digital inclinometers),
global positioning satellites (GPS and GLONASS), and laser range finding
to take precise antenna alignment measurements. The AAT employs a dual
approach using both GPS and GLONASS constellations for faster azimuth
determination, even in environments where the sky is partially obscured.
The AAT ensures designed coverage and improved carrier to
interference-plus-noise ratios (CINR) for faster 4G LTE data throughput
and better coverage for all networks, including 2G/3G. The AAT also captures
extremely accurate positioning data (Lat/Long to +/- 30cm) This horizontal
accuracy is a critical component for meeting the E911 Phase 2 location

Requires smart phone, tablet or PC with WIFI connectivity or option 4100.

Technical Specifications:
Azimuth R99 Accuracy .75 degrees
Azimuth RMS Accuracy .3 degrees
Tilt/Roll Accuracy .1 degrees
Position Accuracy 30 cm w/SBAS
Altitude With LRF 30 cm (AGL)
GPS Receiver 540 channel
Satellite Constellations GPS and GLONASS

Type: LiFePO4
Life: 7-8 hrs
Charge Time: < 3 hrs
Charger: 100-240VAC

Optional accessories:
SNS-2100 Air 21 Mount
SNS-2108 Microwave Mount

Scope and LRF Kits:
SNS-3300 Azimuth Scope Kit
SNS-3301 LASER Rangefinder Ties to the mainframe and has an activation code

Software options:
1201 Foreign Grid Activation - British National Grid
1202 Foreign Grid Activation - Irish National Grid
1203 Foreign Grid Activation - French Lambert National Grid
1204 Foreign Grid Activation - Dutch National Grid
1205 Foreign Grid Activation - Bundle (1201-1204)

LengthWidthHeightShip Wt
43.18 cm 9.65 cm 4.32 cm 5.45 kg
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